Tina Haisch links science to society. She works as a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland. As an independent consultant she works for business and politics. She holds a Ph.D. in Economic Geography and a Masters Degree in Geography, Economics and Business Administration.

Her area of expertise is in local and regional economic development with a particular focus on dynamics of innovation, value creation processes, creativity and tolerance, resilience and sustainability. Her articles in the field of economic geography and urban planning appear in scientific journals.

Tina is an experienced project manager and consults public and political authorities, associations and NGOs at a local, regional, national and international level. She specialises in transforming up-to-date scientific findings into political, economic and social measures ensuring a sustainable and successful regional development.

She holds lectures, presentations and speaks on scientific, public and political events.

Tina is a strong networker and target-oriented communicator with a clear hands-on-mentality. She co-founded a platform for young designers, organized a series of real blind dates and is a yoga teacher.